Alberta Job Grant is an initiative by the Provincial Government of Alberta to provide support and encouragement to individuals who require special skills and training to be able to get employed in the Canadian economy. Here’s an overview of all the information about the grant.

What is the Canada Alberta Job Grant?

The federal and provincial governments developed this grant to help you get the training you need to boost your skills and workplace competencies.

How can you qualify?

You may be eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding if you work for a private sector or a not-for-profit employer in Alberta. You must take at least 21 hours of training within a 12 month period from a recognized training provider such as Alberta Real Estate School.

How much funding is provided?

If you are currently employed, the job grant will reimburse your employer for up to 2/3 of the cost of the training to a maximum of $10,000. If you are a new employee who was previously unemployed, the grant will cover 100% of the cost of the training, up to a maximum of $15,000.

What types of training qualify for the grant?

You can develop your workforce competencies in a wide variety of areas, including Real Estate Professionals, Brokerages, Mortgage Associates, etc. All delivery methods are eligible, including online, in class and blended, as long as they meet the requirement of a minimum of 21 hours.

Who can Apply for the Grant?

The Employers can apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant on behalf of their trainees/employees.

How to Apply for the Grant?

Step 1: Read the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Applicant Guide provided by the Alberta Government.

Step 2: Employers have to create an account on the Labour’s Workforce Grants Portal to complete the application for their trainees.

When can you apply for the Grant?

It is recommended that applications be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the start date of the training. 

Training Requirements

The training must:

  1. Total 21 instructional hours or longer per trainee per application
  2. Start within 6 months after receiving Canada-Alberta Job Grant approval
  3. Be completed within 52 weeks of the training courses start date
  4. Result in some credential (record of completion, certification, grade, and so on)
  5. Training may be delivered on a full or part-time basis, and may be any combination of online, on-site or in a classroom setting.

Where can you get more information?

The government eligibility requirements are subject to change and are updated frequently. The most up to date information can be found on the Alberta Canada website.


The Canada Alberta Job Grant is available only till the end of February 2022. After Feb 28, 2022, the grant will not be available for the public. Thus, if you want to apply for the grant, be quick on your decision. Act NOW and grab this opportunity as soon as possible!

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