Commercial Real Estate – Training Program



A Training Program for the Practice of Commercial Real Estate Course (Alberta).

Up to 25 Hours 
of Personalized Training for the Practice of Commercial Real Estate Course (Alberta). This course is specially designed to offer fast-track and detailed education aid that gives you an extra edge in the exam.

This course requires registration with RECA. The mode of training is Online via Zoom.


Key Takeaways from the Course includes:

  1. Personalized Training (In-depth understanding of the entire course)
  2. Video Recordings of the Sessions (for future reference) 
  3. Focused Study Guides (Summarized Notes)
  4. Exam Weightings (Important Topics for Exams)
  5. Additional Practice Questions (For Extra Practice)
  6. Special Exam Prep Session at the end (to have you well prepared)





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