Real Estate Exam Preparation – Tutoring Package


Special Exam Prep Session – Tutoring  


Worried about how to do Mortgage Brokerage or Real Estate Exam Preparation?

We can help you pass all your Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage Exams on the first attempt with our Exclusive Exam Preparation Sessions!

In these sessions, we will provide you with Personalized One-on-One Tutoring and review all the important topics that you need to know before you appear for the Exam. We’ll cover all the key areas of focus and tutor you for important topics so that you fully understand the key concepts.

After going through this training, you can confidently take the exam and pass it on the first attempt!

Key Takeaways from the Course include:

  • Personalized Tutoring for Important Areas of the Selected Course
  • In-depth understanding of all the Real Estate Concepts
  • Exam Preparation Tools
  • Calculation Practice, if any
  • Exam Weightings and Key Areas of Focus
  • Practice Exam Questions




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