Fundamentals of Real Estate Course – Instructor-Led Training



Online Training Sessions for Fundamentals of Real Estate Course (Alberta).

Fundamentals of Real Estate (RECA recognized) course is the first course required to get licensed as a real estate professional in Alberta. This course will help learners acquire the fundamental knowledge about the real estate industry.

The instructor-led training includes scheduled, live classes led by an instructor in addition to the online self-paced course. Classes are held twice a week for 8 weeks.


Evening Sessions:

Schedule: September 11th, 2023
The classes will held twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.
Course delivery: Online over zoom

Learners have 6 months to complete the course and write the licensing exam with RECA. Learners have 2 attempts to pass the licensing exam with 70% passing marks required. Then the learners can select one of the Practice areas (Residential, Commercial, Rural or Property Management) for the second course required for licensing.

In addition, the students will have access to the industry leading exam prep materials which include extra practice questions, summarized notes and mock tests to help prepare for RECA’s licensing exam.

Course Outline:

Unit 1 – Overview of Real Estate in Alberta
Unit 2 – The Real Estate Act
Unit 3 – Ethics and Code of Conduct
Unit 4 – Real Estate Brokerage
Unit 5 – Consumer Relationships
Unit 6 – Contract Law
Unit 7 – Real Property Law
Unit 8 – Condominiums
Unit 9 – Mortgage Financing and Fraud Awareness
Unit 10 – Soft Skills

Length: 80 hours
Delivery: Online/Instructor-Led


  1. Study Materials
  2. Video Lessons
  3. Unit Quizzes
  4. Additional Exam Prep Materials
    1. Summarized notes
    2. Extra Practice Questions (over 800)
    3. Mock Tests
    4. Important Topics Review

Exam Guidelines/Next Steps:

Exam: Administered by RECA
Exam Location: RECA approved Exam Centres
Duration: 3 hours
Total No. of Attempts: 2
Passing Grade: 70%

This course requires registration with RECA. The mode of training is Online via Zoom.