Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage – Study Guide



Want to understand all the concepts of Mortgage Brokerage? This is the Ultimate Guide for Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage Course in Alberta!

Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage is the first and the most important Course you must take if you want to become a Licensed Mortgage Broker in Alberta. It is a Mortgage Course issued by RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta). It covers all the basic concepts of the Mortgage Brokerage Industry and is thus imperative.

If you wish to become a successful Broker in Alberta, you have to master the Fundamentals Course, without any doubt. And now you know how to do it – Just Join Alberta Real Estate School!

Key Takeaways from the Course include:

  • Focused Study Guides (315 Pages)
  • Course Terminology 
  • Practice Exam Questions (300+)
  • Topical Videos (for concept clarity)
  • Important Topics (for Exam Preparation)
  • Exam Weightings (Unit-wise Distribution)


Note: The Study Guides are available in Online PDF form but can be downloadable and printable at your end. 





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