Residential Real Estate – Study Guide


Notes for Residential Real Estate Course


Want to channel your Real Estate Career in the Residential Markets?  Then, this is for you! Become the one of the finest Residential Real Estate Agents in Alberta with us. 

Get the Ultimate Study Guide for the Residential Real Estate Course with Exam Weightings, Practice Questions and Residential Real Estate Terminology EXPLAINED!

You additionally get the Key Areas of focus, so you do not need to study the unimportant facts and figures. All the hard-to-understand terms have been simplified for easy learning. Every Sample Exam Question has been carefully chosen to ensure you are practicing on the most crucial topics.

Key Takeaways from the Course include:

  • Residential Real Estate Terminology Explained
  • Comprehensive Summarized Notes
  • Exam Preparation Tools
  • Exam Weightings and Key Areas of Focus
  • Practice Exam Questions








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