Is it a GOOD TIME to become a Real Estate Agent in Alberta?

A common question before someone starts the course is: 'Is this a good time to become a Real Estate Agent in Alberta?' According to me, it is always a good...
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This is WHY you should Join Alberta Real Estate School

Are you ready to become a Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Associate in Alberta? One of the questions we often hear is “why should I choose Alberta Real Estate School?”...
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5 C’s of Credit – Things you need to know when applying for a Mortgage in Canada

When applying for a Mortgage in Canada, you have to get eligible for a number of criteria's - the 5 C's of Credit. Thus, here are the 5 things to...
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RECA Approved Course Providers – June 2022 Update

As of June 1st, 2022, RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) has divested itself from offering Real Estate Licensing Courses in Alberta. This has been a big news in the...
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How to get Clients as a New REALTOR®

Becoming a Real Estate Agent is a hectic process, but what after you become one? What do you do after getting your Real Estate License? How will you get clients...
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