How to Read a Certificate of Title?

Raman Gakhal of Alberta Real Estate School has explained in detail about how to read a Certificate of Title

If you are aspiring to be a Real Estate Agent, then this something you need to know.

This is a very common question that we get asked all the time i.e., How to Read a Certificate of Title?

Thus, we decided to share a glimpse of one of our Tutoring Sessions where we explain in detail – What is the Certificate of Title as well as explain the different sections of a Certificate of Title.

As a Realtor®, Certificate of Title is required every time we write an offer or when we want to find information about the property before we list the property.

It is also a very important topic that you can expect on your real estate exams as well.

The video below shows a Sample of a Certificate of Title and breaks down all the different encumbrances or registrations that you will see on the title to understand the document completely.

So, let’s dive in –

Hope you enjoyed this topic and learnt the most about the Certificate of Title.

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Learn about the Most Important Topic in Real Estate Studies How to Pull a Certificate of Title?

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