Exam Preparation Tips for Real Estate Exams

Alberta Real Estate school is here to support you in passing the Alberta Real Estate Exams on the first attempt. The Real Estate Exams in Alberta are content-heavy and focus on a lot of industry-specific concepts that need to be precisely understood and learned. Based on our experience with helping a lot of students pass the exams, we’ve put together a list of Exam Preparation Tips to help you ace Alberta Real Estate Exams.

Let’s take a look at the Exam Preparation Tips for your Alberta Real Estate Exams. You can also watch the video for the same below –

To list a few, below are some of the most effective Exam Tips that we discussed.

1. Know What to Expect on the Exam

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One of the most important point here is know what to expect on the exam. This is very crucial as it gives you an understanding on what you will see on the exam as well as how you will see it. When it comes to RECA’s Real Estate Exams in Alberta, there are certain things to keep in mind. They are:

  1. Computer-based Exam: Alberta’s Real Estate Exams are completely computer-based. There is no need to write the exams through hands. All the exams are online and are submitted on a Computer at the Exam Centre.
  2. Multiple-Choice Exam: All Questions on the exam are MCQs i.e., Multiple Choice Questions. You don’t have to type anything on the Exam. All you need to do is select the right option from a given set of options with the question.
  3. Average No. of Questions: The average number of questions you can expect in any Real Estate Exam in Alberta can go between the range of 100 to 145 Questions.
  4. Passing Marks: To pass the Alberta Real Estate Exams, you will need a minimum 70% of correct answers.
  5. Exam Duration: The general duration of all the Alberta Real Estate Exams is 3 hours.

2. Good Study Environment

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It is one of the most important exam preparation tips for any type of exam. We suggest having a set up that is similar to the exam set up that you are preparing to attempt for. Nicely lit, quiet, computer based set up which helps you to prepare for practice tests that give you a similar feel of giving an actual exam. Try not to get distracted from other things while preparing in the study environment. For example, family members or friends, pets, outside noise, unnecessary stuff lying around – all of these are common distractions. Applying this tactic can help you practice the concepts with focus as well as get used to the exam environment. So that on the actual exam day, you are not overwhelmed or stressed due to the exam set up or just the idea of attempting the exam. This tactic is proved to be very useful in real terms.

3. Take Personal Notes

A hand is shown writing something in a book trying to explain the importance of taking notes.

Taking Personal Notes can be really helpful memorizing strategy for some. But apart from that, when we prepare personal notes, we can gauge our understanding of the concept and get a clear idea of the actual concept rather than just memorizing words from the materials.

Our Customized and Summarized Notes are the most effective to help you focus on the Important Topics of the Materials. Check them out HERE.

4. Time Management

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This is the most common and the most difficult of all. Time Management is although a very simple concept. However, it is difficult for most of the people. The key point here is to plan according to the time available for each of the course. According to the updated Course Schedule by RECA, you have only 12 months to complete your 2 Real Estate Courses which leaves you with a period of 6 months for each course. Some simple steps that can prove as effective exam preparation tips for you:

  1. Set SMART Goals: Start with creating a S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) Goal. This will not only help you to make smarter goals but will breakdown it into smaller parts that make it more sensible.
  2. Create a Schedule: Having a schedule helps you plan your day effectively. Plus, you can function with time. You don’t have to stop and think what to do next. It creates a fixed pattern which can become a habit in no time if you follow it thoroughly.
  3. Discipline: The last but the most important thing in time management is discipline. Everyone creates goals and schedules strategies to achieve them. But the one thing they miss out is consistency. You have to follow your schedule sincerely to make a difference.

Some effective principles of Time Management which improves productivity can include the following – The Pomodoro Technique, The 80-20 Principle, The Productivity Rule of 3, The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Technique of 2 Min, and many more.

5. Take Frequent Breaks

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Sometimes, too much pressure and efforts can backfire. Studies have found that studying for long hours without taking any breaks does not let the brain retain as much information as it could. The key here is to set a perfect balance. Studying too little or too much can create pressure or stress which are both anti-productive. To strike a balance, you must study thoroughly for a significant period (say, an hour) and then take a short break (say, 15 min) to relax and re-energize your mind.

6. Stay Hydrated

A fit girl is shown drinking a bottle of water showing the importance of drinking water for good health.

Whether it is an Online Exam or an Offline Exam, you are required to show your Personal Identification Documents to confirm your identity when attempting the RECA Exam. Water is very important for brain functioning. It brings more oxygen for the brain making it active and healthy. Our body is developed in such a way that it needs water at small intervals, especially it is working. Now, studying requires a lot of efforts from the brain. It is also crucial to have enough water as per the location you are in. For eg, Alberta has a dry weather and thus it is necessary to have a good count of water intake for your body. Otherwise, the repercussions can seriously affect your overall health. It is not directly related to exam preparation but it is an important point to maintain a good physiology.

7. Get Enough Sleep

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Sleep is again a very important element just like water. One must take optimum care of body for good results. Your efforts will count in for the results. And to put maximum efforts, you should be in a good physiological state to give your best shot every time you are making efforts. 100% efforts will show 100% results. Optimum sleep improves our brain’s retention power. Thus, make sure to maintain a stable and healthy schedule regularly.

8. Practice, Practice & Practice

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It’s simple – The more you practice, the more you get better. When you are preparing for an exam, you are preparing for an uncertain test. The most efficient way to practice here is prepare your best and take mock tests as much as often to test your retention skills and revise the information you have memorized. If you are directly going to the exam without any test practice, you can get overwhelmed with the fear as your mind is not trained to give a test on the study topics you prepared. Make yourself familiar with the test environment, so that it is easy for you to go through the exam mentally.

9. Reward Yourself

A start smiley with a happy face, smiling and jumping and a statement written on it which says "good job".

Rewarding yourself for the efforts you have made is very important. It gives you confidence, self trust, and self-love — all the things that you need to pass an exam. Your attitude and perspective should be in place to achieve a goal. This is something most people ignore and thus, they lose something that they could easily achieve. The confidence and trust from small accomplishments can actually help you gain confidence for the biggest goals.

10. Get Help!

A woman who is standing on a higher surface is helping a man to get up to that level by handing out a hand for help.

It is important to understand that it is not necessary to do it all on your own. Surely, you have to try your best. But when you need help, be realistic, be sensible. Asking for help when you need is a smart and courageous move. When it comes to preparing for the RECA Exams, you have don’t just have to pass the exams, you have to understand the real estate concepts thoroughly enough that you are able to help buyers make a correct decision. A Real Estate Agent has huge responsibilities that should be taken care of precisely. Thus, when you are preparing to be one, be sure you get the right sources of help from industry experts who knows the industry.

These are some of the best and the most effective Exam Preparation Tips that you can adopt. These tips will help you give your Real Estate Exams Stress Free and make sure you Pass your Real Estate Exams in the very first attempt!

Still Stressed about your Real Estate Exams? We will tell you the Most Effective Techniques to Manage your Alberta Real Estate Exams.

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Happy Studying!

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