Timeline for Real Estate Courses in Alberta

Timeline for Real Estate Courses differ from province to province. In Alberta, there is a specific timeline set by the authorities for applicants who want to enroll for Real Estate Courses.

In Alberta, RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) is the governing body responsible for the functioning of the real estate market.

RECA ensures that licensees are competent, ethical, professional, and valuable to their customers. It does this through education standards and licensing, information, and regulatory compliances.

The first step for becoming a Realtor® is to meet the Minimum Eligibility Requirements as well as pass the Alberta Real Estate Exams issued by RECA.

As a part of the minimum eligibility requirements, there are certain Educational Qualifications required by RECA. The educational qualifications are different for Immigrants and Born Canadians. Our earlier posts have a detailed description on them.

Once you meet all the eligible criteria including accessing your education and English language proficiency from IQAS (required in some cases for Immigrants), you can then successfully apply with RECA for the Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education.

You have to apply for a minimum of 2 Courses with RECA in order to apply for the Pre-licensing Education.

1.   Course 1 – Fundamentals of Real Estate Course

The Fundamentals of Real Estate Course gives you the foundational knowledge and skills that you would need to practice real estate in Alberta. It’s an Online Self-Study Course from RECA.

The cost for this course is $1250. There are 10 units in this Course.

Timeline for Course 1 – You get a total of 6 months to complete this Course as per RECA guidelines.

2.  Course 2 – Specialization Courses (Choose at least 1)

There are 4 Areas of Specialization for Real Estate Licensing in Alberta. The second course that you would do is in one of the specialty areas where you can choose which area of real estate you want to specialize in.

The different options are:

  1. Practice of Residential Real Estate 
  2. Practice of Commercial Real Estate
  3. Practice of Rural Real Estate
  4. Property Management Training

You have to select at least 1 of these courses in order to get your Realtor® License in Alberta. You can always do more than one course, but initially, you need to start with one of courses from the list above.

For Eg: if you want to start off with Residential Real Estate, you get your license as a Residential Realtor®. After that, you can expand your real estate practice into other areas and take additional courses if you want to.

The cost for each of the Courses here is $800. There are approximately 9 units in each of these courses.

Timeline for Course 2 You get a total of 6 months to complete the 2nd Course that you select.

Timeline for Optional Additional Courses (that you might select in future after Course 2) – You get a total of 4 months to complete the additional courses. Again, this is completely optional.

Total Duration to get Real Estate License in Alberta:

Course 1 Timeline + Course 2 Timeline = 12 months

The exams can be taken at authorized exam centers. You can check out the list of authorized RECA Exam Centers for details. You can book them directly though your myRECA account.

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